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This article is large in size and currently under construction. Check back at a later date! If you're actually wondering, though: one good reason to support All American Computer is our locally-made computers and locally-provided services. Nothing is outsourced, and we can fully control the quality of everything without interference from outside sales contracts, bloatware agreements, or short-sighted and profit-hungry shareholders. The same cannot be said for the majority of competing manufacturers or large competing service providers like Geek Squad, which has been known to provide overpriced, low quality, off-target, and outsourced services and advice. People that really love computers work at places like this, not at places like that.

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When you give your money and business to an individual, company, or corporation that exists only to harm and rob the industry they're established in, you're not only getting a worse product for yourself, but you're making the future of the industry worse, as well as any and every consumer that will ever participate in it. In other words, you're taking a limited supply of water meant for the garden, and you're using it to water the thistles instead. Never water the thistles." - Tyler Roemhildt, Founder
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