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All American Computer has done more than a single webpage could ever list, but luckily we have a General Assistance section that could contain the majority of those past job descriptions. In addition to that, AAC also does repair, maintenance, networking, and more! Basically, if your computer isn't fulfilling its requirements, we have the knowledge and tools necessary to make it do so. If you would like to schedule something, don't hesitate to contact us via text, phone, social media, or email!

General Assistance

Sometimes you have a list and just need someone knowledgeable to take care of everything. Maybe you don't anything repaired, but just want to learn. Maybe you're lost and you don't know what to even ask for? Whatever you may call it: tutoring, teaching, training, one-on-one consulting, etc... you're covered!

Computer Repair

If it's not doing what you want it to do. This can include things like:

Computer Maintenance

If it's working slowly, AAC can bring it back. If it's acting strangely, AAC can figure out why. This can include anything from a full wipe and reinstall to a simple and quick cleanup.

Data Recovery And Backups

The majority of cases where data is "lost" don't even require any special equipment. Before you pay a cleanroom data recovery service to try and salvage data from a disk or memory card, give AAC a shout. Memory cards, hard drives, and many other storage devices have had data successfully recovered off them in the past. People have recovered priceless things like pictures, tax documents, and much more.


Computers and their peripherals are designed to speak to each other to make your life easier. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't easily retain communication. If you need a home or small business network set up, configured, or repaired, give AAC a shout!


If you want advice - any advice at all. It can relate to computers, networking, phones, software, websites, and pretty much anything else. Just send an email to All American Computer with your questions enclosed. We'll provide you with advice - for free.

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