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Do you repair mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones?

Software problems? Definitely! Physical problems? No. Unfortunately, the industry seems to be gravitating toward a new trend of unrepairable computing devices. They're unable to fully lock down the desktop computer industry because the desktop is a hard standard with plenty of consumers and manufacturers keeping it that way. The mobile phone and tablet industry, unfortunately, were corrupted right after their birth by profit-hungry megacorporations. Mobile devices continue to get harder and harder to upgrade and service every single year, despite their constant need for both of those things - they're not getting any stronger or longer lifetime, so why are they getting so much harder to fix? Some are even glued shut! Instead of allowing you to repair or upgrade your devices, they make them so difficult to service that it nearly guarantees that you'll just buy a new one instead. This is actually one of the big reasons for the high number of mobile device sales: a lot of people want them, a lot of people buy them, and a lot of people have to re-buy them - every couple of years.

Desktop and laptop computers, on the other hand, can sometimes last up to a decade! Some consumers are so hungry for desktop-like convenience and modularity that a video demoing a modular phone known as PhoneBloks went viral and inspired the creation of Google's Project Ara. Bear in mind that many of these people don't even know how to repair or service these devices on their own, but they still love the idea - because they instinctively know that that's just how things should be.

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Do you do training?

Definitely! Although its not a regularly offered, requested, or mentioned service, it's definitely not excluded from the offerings. If you want to learn something related to computers or technology, I would be more than happy to teach you!

Why are desktop computer so big?

Basically, because they can be. The desktop has unlimited thermal, power, and spatial headroom and it makes sense that it take full advantage of its "stationary" nature. If it's not being transported around and ran off a battery, then why should it have the same size, performance, and parts of a computer that is restricted in those ways? Desktops, unfortunately, aren't all full-size since some consumers don't necessarily need one that's very powerful - however, the full-size desktop with full-size cooling systems, full-sized processors, and the ability to run off a solid wall current will always be a better choice in the long run. Performance is key - in five years, that tiny less-powerful desktop will be showing its age!

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