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One of the most internally anticipated features of All American Computer's website is here: Articles. The Articles will be used for tutorials, news postings, reviews, benchmarks, and more. It will be very beneficial to people around the world that want to learn more about their computers - regardless of what company they purchased from. They'll help you enjoy your computer again! This entire page is essentially dummy content that helps show off some of the layout and technical features the Articles page has built-in.

Captioned Images

What a nice little comic strip.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos get captions as well!

HTML5 Video

HTML5 video is like a GIF, but it's faster, smoother, and more reliable!



Tables are useful for assembling multidimensional data and making it sortable.

Number   Decimal   Word   Link
2012 -0.18 banana [link]
95 36 coke [link]
2 -152.5 apple [link]
-53 88.5 zebra [link]
195 -858 orange [link]


AbilityXbox OneXbox 360PS3PS4PC
Free online play
Thriving and growing user base
Usable for productivity and work ~
Access to the best voice communication software - Mumble, TeamSpeak, and Tox
No game developer kit fees
Capable of split-screen multiplayer
Can use Xbox One controllers
Can use all last-gen console controllers
Can mix controllers during multiplayer
No game developer fees
Can play NES, SNES, and N64 games
Can play Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games
Can play PS1 and PS2 games
Can play Xbox and Xbox 360 games
Can play GameCube and Wii games
Can play browser and flash games
Can play games at 1080P resolution
Can play games at 1440P resolution
Can play games at 2160P(4K) resolution
Can play games at a smooth 60FPS or smoother
Adjustable graphics settings
First year costs between $600 and $900 (if current-gen)
Legacy support for games 1-5 years old
Legacy support for games 5-10 years old
Legacy support for games 10-15 years old
Legacy support for games 15-20 years old
Legacy support for games 20+ years old
Brought to you by All American Computer. Isolate this table here.


Quotes look like

Wow! That sure is a beautiful quote right there. Everything I say becomes awesome." - you

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