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All American Computer

AAC knows what can make you happier - knowledge which can only come from years of working with people and their computers.

What is All American Computer?

All American Computer is a computer service, sales, software, and manufacturing company currently based just ouside of Mankato, Minnesota. All American Computer is a unique company, because it was founded on a passion for computers alone. Meaning, it wasn't created as a means to satisfy sales contracts or any other annoying corporate agendas. The existence of All American Computer didn't come about as a result of a late night meeting in some high-rise Wall Street board room orchestrated by rich old men that were looking for a way to get richer by any means necessary - it was created because we believe there's a lot of people out there that want to own awesome computers without dealing with all the relatively recent self-destructive problems most of the industry have been creating for themselves in an attempt to persue the latest 'trends'. AAC doesn't exist because of bloatware distribution agreements, malware pre-installation agreements, or outdated hardware sales contracts... Just one thing: a love for computers.

We believe that computers today are beautiful tools capable of just about anything, but the consumer-facing industry has sadly lost sight of that and now focuses mainly on selling slow, bloated, low-quality, and un-enjoyable hunks of plastic that can barely accomplish the task they were invented for: to make you happy. It's 2016. Computers should be advanced enough by now to completely remove the frustration from the process of using them, and a lot of manufacturers simply don't care. They know you're probably only going to buy what's on store shelves. Most people would probably even agree that the majority of computer brands have actually been getting worse, if not for their gradually declining prices. It's up to you to prove them wrong, and shop elsewhere.

Put simply: At its core, All American Computer is a computer company exists to return computers to their pure, fast, reliable, and untarnished form - whether locally, by working on a machine built by a competitor or providing you with one of our own - or globally, by sharing articles and information that can help people enjoy the machines they already own, even if we don't make a single penny doing so. All American Computer's slogan doesn't lie... Enjoy your computer again!

What services do you offer?

All American Computer specializes in in-shop or on-site computer service, computer repair, web-based informational articles, and even data recovery. We fix and maintain all computers - regardless of brand. If it's not working how it should and you want it to work, AAC has you covered - we even frequently see our serviced computers coming out faster than they were when they left their assembly lines! See our Services page for more information on our wide array of computer-related services.

What products do you offer?

All American Computer currently only offers custom-built computers on a per-customer basis. That means that each computer is slightly different based on the customer's chosen configuration, which means that no two computers are alike enough to be considered a single "product". However, there are several different computer models being developed that will perfectly fit all the aforementioned customer configurations for those that don't want to worry about the specifics - without losing performance, value, or quality! When they're ready for sale, they will be listed at our Store page. Keep an eye out for our upcoming high-quality machines - the affordable Model E and the general-purpose Model A!

What can your website do?

All American Computer's website offers a lot more than just the expected this-and-that about the company. We have downloads, FAQ, videos, articles, and so much more. Stop and read for a while. The information and content you find here can do nothing but help you. Some of it is entertaining, some of it's helpful, and some is even both!

Quote of the Day

Set out to build a company and make a contribution, not an empire and a fortune." - Bill Hewlett
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